"Psymaginary - Grafic with psychological implication. Psymaginary - Grafik mit psychologischem Sinne. Psymaginary -Графика с психологическим подтекстом"

Choose an image, which is suitable to your personality and emotional state. Send it as postcard to your sweethearts, relatives, friends. You can so get to know, how they undestand you...

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Drowsy morning

Dominance of green

Panneau on the pink wall


Printing on fabric

Fresh of field

Morning pleasure

Late autumn

Dewy grass

Flowers of the town

Folk song

The wind winded up

Green Grass of Home

In winter of summer

Velvet season

Poppy of october

Autumn rays

Autumn features

Still flowering in autumn

Handmade papier

Fancywork with grass

Opposing storm


Do not clank mover

Honey Will Be Mine

Taste of Honey

Washing with dew

Prasseln of dreams and leaves

The last nectar before the rain

Two poppies of morning

Soon will be autumn


They are so different

The day will be wonderful

In genre of fresco

Dew and sun

In old colours

Flowers in fog

Irresistible drive

Morning bliss

Open the dungeon

Age-old vaudeville

Sunny and fresh

Invite the butterfly

Three flowers

Flight of the bumblebee

Morning wind awakes the flowers

Love song

The flowers grew

After the wind

Porcelain and tea

Tea time


June day

Waiting for the sunrise

Evening shadows

Road among poppies

Wish to atmen

Sad songs

Complicate life of butterflies

Modern Karmen


Agreed landscape

Bee`s paradise

Gulp of frish air

Onyx land

Fild in the night

Sunny and windy

Red - red flower

Silver flower and pearles

Breath for two

In neu light

Deep in thought over embroidery

Remember September

Autumn charm


Autumn brushes

In his shadow

In colours of morning green

In morning colours of summer

Towards light, to village air

Paging pages

Coziness in beige-creme colours

Thought of coziness

Pale flowers and rainbow

Flowers and twig

Wind, wind, wind everywhere

Colour splashes

Splashes of champagner brut

Splashes, splashes, splashes of fizz

Splashes of fizz in honour of moon

New moon

So different are the flowers

Colours, spots and flowers

Bulb light

Murky day

Pale flower on black

Bitter grass

Disproportionate air

Scented of rain

Elevated society


Autumn eyes

The last warm gleaming

The wind whirls the tired leaves

Night velvet

Moon and leaf - what else whould you like

The leaves are simply flying in the wind

Long way under the blue sky

Autumn in autumn rave

To the musik of Vivaldi, under glorious klavisin

Perfidy of butterfly

Autumn expanses

Severe autumn, simple colours

Riding the waves at sunset

Autumn - rival in love

As cats and dogs

Colorful wind

Colourful shaded place

White poppies on grey

Initial autumn

Young air

Pale sketch

So strange is the Bunch

Drawn on the wall III

Drawn on the wall II

Drawn on the wall I

Dance, dance, dance

Everlasting dance

Invitation to dance

Tango in the morning sunshine

Tango in the sunshine

Sarafan summer

Shining for others

Late weddings


Jam session

The eyes deceive

In your hands at the break of dawn

Nightingale or lark

Cult of light

Viva Victoria

Green bush

Flowers before the dawn

At first glance

Strolls on fridays

Why say we so oft hello and bye

Why turns my head off

Why are you and me this evening together

Five minutes before the illusionen disappear

On the colour paper

Learnin` to draw

Straw happiness I

Excitement in garden

Burning expression

The garden is enveloped in haze

Five minutes before the dawn comes

Summer, sun, garden

Alchemy of eternal youth

Alchemy of glory

Alchemy of beauty

Alchemy of love

Street lights in town

In autumn colours

Autumn rainbow

And would you

Las amapolas para el patriarca

Poppy Is Fantastic

Handmade poppy flower

Motley grass all over the world

Fantasy II

Fantasy I

Together in the sun


Don`t sew the sarafan for me

Look at the moon shine

White poppies in dew

Sunny Poppy

The fairy flowers grow

The stripy flowers grow

Так холодно летом

Cool summer

Yellow and orange

Red and yellow

Yellow and green


Gusts of wind

Bunch of poppies

Illusion of game

Double poppy

Big poppy


Early morning haze

Poppies in window

Two poppies and bud

Three poppies and wind

Grass and poppies

Poppy`s petals in grass

The day is so blue

The day is so windy

From the life of yellow flower

This complicated colour white

This complicated colour white

Three poppies in Grass

One day more


White flower

From paper and glass

Confetti for morning meal


Madrigal III

Madrigal II


Madrigal III

Tiny flowers in my little garden

Five o`clock

Spill the beans, my dear

Patchwork in winter

Everything for white flower

Puzzle tov

Don`t awake the reminiscence

Delusive light

The clock of today shows no time

I`d rather be a bee

My dreaming eyes see the poppy`s blossom


Yellow silence

Magic dancing in sea of flowers

Been confused

Tsi Shpait


We Belong Together

Ikh Hob Dich Tzufil Lib

Face to face

Ach, what for was the night

After the rain


Breath of dawn

Tiny flower

Spring in rain

Straw happiness

Small scarlet flower


She squeezed her hands under the dark veil

Orange sky

The anemone looks around too amused

Lilac elegy

The last days of summertime

Maiden`s album

Summer bustle

That path of the shady garden

You and me

Eden of dandelions

And blue, that in the river fell down

Soap opera

Bees swarm

Modern meadow with visitor

Modern meadow for every day

Modern meadow for kings

Modern meadow with flowers

Modern meadow with poppies

Modern meadow

Good morning, darling

Flower fields forever

Out of shadows

The aim of creation is devotion


Peace, pleasure


Some coffee thereto

Rustle of your wimpers

Soothsayer, dandy, ingenue

I Just Close My Eyes


Frozen noise

In one basket

Goodby, summer, goodby

Light and sad


Look at me

Change into porcelain

Dream of butterfly

House of glass

Loves or not

Nachtigall, ick hör` dir trapsen


Joy of light


Hot morning




In every flower I see your face

Fall in Love

Born with sun


Bei mir bist du schein


Naiv-flower feelings

Orange and yellow

Yellow and orange


Breaking the Wall

Love song in the wind

Strange emotions


Wind all over the world

Hot chocolate

Absolut clar

Crazy about

Morning hour

Simply things

Tea for two

Private Sphere


Lace for the Dame


Sermyaga truth


Margot-fairy Magesty

Margot`s crown

Tender is the night

Margot in shadow

Margot magnificent

Margot the Queen

Who stops the Rain?

Children of sun

Small basket



That was a dream

Round off

They are already here

Invasion of Martians



Acrylic painting

By the way

Sweet dreamsy


Light grief

Beautiful but modest


Lenten rose in rose 2

Lenten rose in rose 1

Hyde Park


In rock


Day after

So is a plant

Rose bubbles

Why do you look at me so

Lenten rose

Fascination for eyes


In white





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