"Psymaginary - Grafic with psychological implication. Psymaginary - Grafik mit psychologischem Sinne. Psymaginary -Графика с психологическим подтекстом"

Choose an image, which is suitable to your personality and emotional state. Send it as postcard to your sweethearts, relatives, friends. You can so get to know, how they undestand you...

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April mood

Vernal equinox

Spring misconceptions

Green - my love

Do not promise the rubies

Need no light

Simple joy of life

Reading from album

Play with colours

Do not say Black or White

Elegiac mood


Dark with others

Ambiguity of feelings

Morning chocolate

Previous dreams

Flower foible

Superior feelings

And Days Of Auld Lang Syne

And Never Brought To Mind

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

Evening tune

Sounds of spring

Delight for wistful gaze

Harmony in lilac colour

Sweet life

Love song in moonlight

Springtime melody

Nightingale`s song

Delight in your presence

In all luster

Last Dreams

Souvenirs, souvenirs

Through pink spectacles

Vivacity of feelings

Vernal song







Personal connections

Smile in the night

Morning impressionism

Raut in evening light

Galamment in the evening

Fancy-dress ball

You are alone today

Sheer ambiguity

Rose - coloured distances

Moments of passion

New trends

Blind date once more

Almighty watch

The butterflies come along

Festive turmoil

Antiquarian amusements

Look out for a minute

Morning reverie

No doubts

Genuine feelings

Will you still need me

Receptions without ceremony

Simply violett

Instead of amethystes

Priceless moments

Hide and seek

Glowing Grass

Short summer

Tender glances

Vague ambiguity

Bright impressions

Niminy - piminy illuminations

Strangers In The Night

Promising encounters

Spiel mood

New caprice

Belated flowers

Summer caprice




Sentimental details

Let it be such a long way off

Summer romanceS

Those Were The Days My Frend

Attributes of age - old art

Solely in dame fellowship

Interesting proposal

When will you say a word

Waiting and unable to wait


Passion for spiel

Exchange of glances

Vague promises

Evening illusions

Beauty vorever

Flowers in the violet night

Flowers in my garden

Motley leaves

Simply talks

Whims of talks

Artificial talks

Chats about significant

Flower firework

Courtly talks

Blue languishing eyes

Who needs the words even now

Never more words

No word more

Without words

Art of pleasant interaction

Art of pleasant conversation

Green and red

Piture and frame

Everybody dreamed of beauty

Do Not Leave Me, Believe Me

Evening life

Would it be no winter

Winter is in the short run

Late autumn bustles

Everyday life before the great cold

Next to beauty

Lively interest in Beauty

Perfidy and love

Autumn treasure

The wind carries away the leafage



Night blue

On the pale green paper

Grey haired dame in the sun

By post

Perfidy of butterfly

Riding the waves at sunset


Green eyes of small fish

All for thee, little miss

Social networks

Sea bathing

Fishes - they are so different

Everyday life in the sea

with another eyes

City dreams IV

City dreams III

City dreams II

City dreams I

Old fairy tale

All treasure of world

Open Sesame

Hidden treasure

Two hundred seventy story

By Ali Baba

Extents IV

Extents III

Extents II

Extents I

Morning nests

Is there life on Mars at all

Are there mignonettes on Mars

Spring melody

Green bush

Flowers before the dawn

Spanish fly

Light party

Of silk,light and air

Of light, air and silk

Morning will be blue

Mania vor smartness


My Kleiner Grüner Garten

Summer impressions

Last flower of summer

Where live the blue flowers

Flair of spring

On the fabric, that was pretty handy

Spring wind knocks in window

Spring, the sacred

Spring`s coming

Carpet and flower

Dance of flowers II

Dance of flowers I

Hot summer days

Again sunny

Dance with flowers

Mysterios life on meadow

Front garden

Blue -blue flowers in the blue -blue sky

Flowers at dawn

Sky in the night

Eclipse of the moon

Fairy flowers for the rain

Mallow landscape

Evening fields in dew

Whisper of water

Sea anemones

Sea life

Sea flowers

Small Octopus plays

We shall see again the sky with dimonds

Preferred dish

Sea treasure

Petit appetit

Imitation of Master

Fish in a trap

A half of kingdom for air

Dinner is served

Everybody Is Looking For Something

Long ago

Radiance of water

Do you like for instance fish

Ancient fish in ambiente

But they see all

Another side of

Heaving a heart

Deep clear water


At work

Master of pearls

Fish - small and big

Lots of pearls in the sea

Metal fish

Tin fish

Seaside Renezvous

At sea


Spots and colours

Be away with the fairies

All is deceptive

All is illusory

Trillo del Diavolo


Sonata D major

Toccata and Fugue D moll

Draft for Sonata

He and he alone

That walked by himself

House of cats

Spring forest wakes up

Spring courtly airings

Spring passions

Spring gossips

Spring fruits

Spring flowers

Harvest of nectar




Flock together miraculous birds

Passions and illusions

Fly of gossamer

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Ich Hab Noch Einen Koffer

The City of the Sun

Mountain flowers

Night and day

Green air

Autumn light is guilt for all

Madame, the leaves are already falling

Gleaming autumn

Don`t abandon me my summer

My garden plot

Still magnificent and reckless are the leaves, that falling off and making noise


Declaration of love

Harvest of love potion in twilight

Wild idyll

White sun

Grass and dew

Some day, some time

Romancing the sky

Fandango of grass

Forest and forest around

The fog has lifted

Mercurial chronicles

Lunar chronicles

Leaves of grass

Colorful meadow

Martian chronicles


Long ago the chrysanths are fade and gone


Imagine that

Silent lanes

Rough copy

Spring in town


That was just a dream

Make love by candlelight

Motley grass

Needlework in the winter evening

Wild - wild wood

On the windy side

Autumn premonitions



The scarlet light of dawn

Mesalliance with dandelion

In Franz Kline`s Dreams

Because The Sky is Blue, It Makes Me Cry

Autumn in my soul


Fiat lux

Morning song


See all

Rainbow lane



Tree and leaves

Summer is far away

Malevich 3D



My autumn rains

Landscape for Günter

Blue fairy flowers



Gentleman keeps silence

Never leave your fish-she just alone

Children`s play

Black Spider Woman



Sic transit

Midday, 21 century

Übermenschliches, all zu übermenschliches

Big fish

Brave new world


and the second bullet wounded my horse

Something of Natalia Goncharova

Rosa wind a-la Paul Klee





Monochrome-Triptych a-la Yves Klein

Universe 2

Universe 1


Blue period




Signs of a rift

Man at home -A la Willi Baumeister

House-A la Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

House and house-A la Lucio Fontana

Tree and tree 2

Tree and tree 1

Men and bird

Tree, house, man

A la Petrow-Wodkin

Throughout the glass

Man und man

Japanise Impression

I like Hundertwasser


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