"Psymaginary - Grafic with psychological implication. Psymaginary - Grafik mit psychologischem Sinne. Psymaginary -Графика с психологическим подтекстом"

Choose an image, which is suitable to your personality and emotional state. Send it as postcard to your sweethearts, relatives, friends. You can so get to know, how they undestand you...

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Composition of a flower

Aged drink

in heart of summer

Conversations with S

Rose in us

The vase woke up quite amazed

O, those summer rains

This rose of white faded whithout tears

Autumn rose respired on the thin stalk

White rose is guilty of love

Wedding song

At midday

Oriental wisdom

All the world is a stage III

All the world is a stage II

Red rose is allegory of love

Black rose is allegory of sorrow

Vernal song

dreaming of previous love

The rose out of nothing

The rose mourns

Of two roses



Nothing more then a dream

the rose is maybe in an acidic mood

Dance Me To The End Of Love

Thee,enthroned on the throne

The wild rose

Triptych: Syncope

Triptych: soul

Triptych: funk

From darkness to light

Do not try to pluck my roses

Young girl`s album

In my garden without wind und weather

Once upon a time there was a rose

Gold of smells

All the world is a stage

Pledge to Laughter


Translate me the scent of roses

Sweeter Then Wine

Verse for Anne Boleyn

Folk song

Secret Love

Poem about a lonely rose

Poems about rosen

Song of the Rose, attributed to Sappho

Ode to Rose by Anacreon

The Rose With The Broken Neck

And the yellow rose was born

Rosen blossom before the winter

I Wait For Delivery Each Day

Love and tea

Rose, sun

La Vie En Rose

Small rose in autumn

Relief and Rose

Rose`s season

Dance With Me


Aphrodite`s Children

Deco scent

Any Colour You Like

Peace of roses

Here is not only Reminder

Old Rose

The red rose whispers of passion

I am dreaming away

With whom is the rose in love

Village air

What do they mean - the yellow roses

My gardens are full of flowers, your`s are full of sadness

Capricious, impractible

Green sleeves

Oracle of roses

I`m Your Fire At Your Desire

No, I`m not Byron

Poetry of 12 century

Shagane, thee my love, Shagane

This last rose of summer left blooming alone

The dark-cherry shawl

So beautiful, so fresh were the roses

Let the rose is broken - it still blossoms

Rose`s soul

Hide and seek

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