"Psymaginary - Grafic with psychological implication. Psymaginary - Grafik mit psychologischem Sinne. Psymaginary -Графика с психологическим подтекстом"

Choose an image, which is suitable to your personality and emotional state. Send it as postcard to your sweethearts, relatives, friends. You can so get to know, how they undestand you...

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As I Woke Up In The Morning

Landscape with grass

Night fruits

Trees in fog

Seasons transformation


Fog releases the trees

Clear viewpoint

One half of the window sweeped open - One half of the soul came to light


Trills of spring

Color of tree

My Love is of Green Color

Rhapsody in blue

Time for melancholy

Not a word, my friend

Rustle of dreams

The ancient fogs of love


Simple life

One hears in spring a rustle of dreams

Say It Isn`t So

Saw out

Fog in winter


Nightly and foggy

And larks sing

Eternity and three Days

Triffids: Also don`t be afraid because of my love

Day of Triffids

Indian summer

Life is fantastic

Seen too much


That spring

Never more


The road

Fog in town




I dreamed that my garden

Light breathing

They are alive

Quiet, so quiet

Diffuse light,i miss you

Colors of Barbizon


Tree per se

Begin of spring

Still be of benefit

Chestnut trees waking up

Autumn in red

Art of snow

At last the sun 2

At last the sun 1

Spring comes

So cold in winter

Again winter

Far away from home

Remembering Monet 4

Remembering Monet 3

Remembering Monet 2

Remembering Monet 1



It is a life

Remembering Giverny 2

Remembering Giverny 1

And only parasites are green

April - april

Living nature


Mole`s work

So long desired I spring


Autumn comes

Golden schining


Lonely gloomy days 2

Lonely gloomy days 1


Pure joy

Tree in autumn 5

Tree in autumn 4

Tree in autumn 3

Tree in autumn 2

Tree in autumn 1

Old fogy

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